The effectiveness of any sanitation method is dependent on water chemistry--the balance of pH, alkalinity, hardness and Total Dissolved Solids. 

The addition of any chemical (even muriatic acid) affects more than one of these key parameters.  Septor 7 precisely manages pH and controls alkalinity without adding acid or other chemicals to your pool.  Because no chemicals are introduced to the pool water, hardness and TDS will remain the same as the source of water used to fill your pool.

pH, the measure of hydrogen ions in the pool, is the most important factor of your pool's water.  pH too low can dissolve surfaces and grout, corrode metal of pool equipment and create roughness on your pool surfaces where algae can grow; pH too high and sanitizers lose effectiveness, calcium water lines form and water can become cloudy and murky.  pH changes naturally due to the earth's rotation, so regular additions of muriatic acid are necessary to keep pH balanced with all other systems that claim to be "chemical-free".

Total Alkalinity (TA), the measure of alkaline minerals dissolved in water, helps to buffer the water and resist dramatic fluctuations in pH.  TA too low makes pH difficult to control and can cause corrosion; TA too high can result in cloudy water and scaling.  Few pool chemicals raise alkalinity, however, adding acid of any type (for instance, muriatic or cyanuric (found in trichlor tabs)) to the pool water decreases pH and alkalinity.  Because the degree of lowering pH and alkalinity is not the same, pool owners frequently experience the “yo-yo” effect—repeatedly adding acid for pH, adding bicarbonate for alkalinity—making it seem that maintaining balanced chemistry is very complicated. 

Algae, the bane of every pool owner, is continuously entering your swimming pool, however it is easily controlled with proper water chemistry.   Septor 7 uses technology, not chemicals, to control algae. Although the HYDROVortX technology is a low-voltage electrolytic process, it does NOT use metals like copper ionizers do; it completely eliminates the need for chlorine, stabilizer (cyanuric acid), salt, algaecide, and virtually all other standard pool chemicals to produce crystal clear, pure water.

Technology produces healthy, safe, drinkable water from any freshwater source with zero chemicals or pesticides added. HYDRO-VORTX patented technology manages pH, maintains alkalinity and controls algae without adding hardness to water.