What does it mean to be a chemical free pool?  Is it chemical free maintenance? just chlorine free?  merely reduced chemicals?  Septor 7 chemical free water is all of these.  Zero chemicals are added to your pool;  water is as pure and safe as your tap water.   

Environmentally responsible

Energy Consumption— Reducing your pump run time in half, reduces your carbon footprint. Typical pools running 8-9 hours per day to distribute chemicals can reduce those times to 4-5 hours a day. 

Water conservation-- A chemical free pool does not require draining and reduces your water footprint. The most common reasons to drain a pool are 1) chemical saturation has made sanitation ineffective and 2) chemical erosion of pool surfaces has created dull finishes, residue build-up and pitted surfaces.  

Reducing damage to ecosystems from chemical discharge.  Many municipalities regulate the discharge of salt water pools due to chemicals that can cause harm to the natural ecosystem.

A Septor 7 pure water pool is the GREEN choice for the environment.

Safer and Healthier

·Environmental toxins are linked to the rise in chronic and autoimmune diseases according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). A pool without chemicals mitigates the threat of chemical toxins in one's home and environment  

Some chemicals added to pool water never dissipate and will increase in concentration over time (copper, cyanuric acid, calcium are just a few examples).  Pool owners have very little control over the chemical reactions and potential toxins resulting from the formation of by-products  that occur when this happens.  This may render chemicals that are intentionally added, to be less effective, resulting in the need for excessive chemical additions.

 Septor 7 pool water is as safe as your tap water, the same water you shower or bathe in.

Simplify Pool Maintenance  

Septor 7 runs during the operation of the pool’s filtration and cleaning system (in-line pop-ups, suction and pressure cleaners)

Weekly pH and alkalinity testing is not required; Water chemistry is managed automatically and can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing pump run times

Monthly replacement of the muriatic acid used by the HYDROVortX cartridge(s) ; every gallon lasts for 150 hours of run time, so actual replacement time may vary; simply open the gallon and drop the cartridge in

Annual replacement of the HYDROVortX cartridge (after 1600 hours run time)

Upon registration of your system, on-line troubleshooting guide and service reminders keep maintenance on track. 

Make it even easier to simply relax and enjoy your pool!